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About Us

All Paws on Deck is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit dog rescue organization based in Connecticut that is dedicated to rescuing and rehoming pregnant dogs and their puppies. We were founded with the belief that every dog deserves a loving home, and that pregnant dogs and their puppies are among the most vulnerable and in need of care.

All Paws on Deck is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for pregnant dogs and their puppies, and operates through a network of foster homes, where all of our rescues receive individualized care and attention from dedicated volunteers.

Once in our care, All Paws on Deck provides pregnant dogs with medical care, nutrition, and a safe and comfortable place to give birth. The organization also provides care for the puppies until they are ready to be adopted into loving forever homes. 


All Paws on Deck relies on the support of dedicated volunteers and generous donors to carry out our life-saving mission. Our goal is to create a world where all dogs are valued and loved, and no dog is left behind.

Meet Susana

susana photo.jpg
Hi! I'm Susana, the founder of All Paws on Deck. My foster dog, Gracie, arrived pregnant and we took care of her and her puppies until they were adopted at 8 weeks.

I adopted Gracie and she inspired me to want to do it all over again, so I founded All Paws on Deck.

Susana Burgess, Founder

Our Story

Welcome to All Paws on Deck

All Paws on Deck was founded under the guiding principle that all dogs deserve a loving and nurturing home,
and it was Gracie taught me that. 

After a year of nonstop rescue applications without response, I decided to submit a foster parent application with a local rescue, and was so excited when it was approved! Through fostering, we met our Gracie, a 2-year old mixed breed, who was pregnant at the time. She was scared at first, but so very sweet, and became more comfortable as the days ticked by.

We spent countless hours researching what to do for when she gave birth, and how to make her comfortable and happy. Not long after she arrived in our home, Gracie made her way to her whelping box next to the couch in our living room - Gracie's water had broke. 

It was amazing and beautiful to see what instincts can do! 
Before we knew it - there were six puppies! We cared for those puppies for 8 weeks until they were all adopted and, although we had a family for Gracie, we just could not let her go.

Gracie had won our hearts, our couch… and our bed. And just like that, my foster career was over. 

There are so many "Gracies" in shelters - mothers whose puppies got adopted quickly, but they were left behind. All Paws on Deck was founded so that every Gracie and her puppies can find their forever home. 

We want you to find your Gracie. 

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