I want to surrender or re-home my dog. Can you take him?

NO, we cannot. 
We are a foster based rescue organization. 

Be HONEST and don't just try to pass your problem to someone else. There is a reason why you want to re-home your dog (he barks too much... he pees all over my house... he growls at my kids... he nips... he this or he that. 

1 - Reach out to FRIENDS and FAMILY
They know you best and you wouldn't lie to them or put them in harms way. Be honest and explain the issues / reason why you want to re-home your dog. 

2- Post it on Facebook Pet Rehoming groups and local town groups.
Again be HONEST about the issues you believe the dog has. After you get a candidate, do an interview, visit their home, do some social media check and background check. 

3 - Try ADOPT A PET REHOMING TOOL  (https://rehome.adoptapet.com/)

3 - If you have a dangerous dog, discuss it with your vet. Passing along an aggressive dog won't do anybody any good.  

4 - If you found a stray, call your LOCAL Animal Control.