I want to surrender / re-home / get rid of my dog.
Can you take him?

NO, we cannot. 
We are a foster based rescue organization. 

Be HONEST and don't just try to pass your problem to someone else. There is a reason why you want to re-home your dog (he barks too much... he pees all over my house... he growls at my kids... he nips... he this or he that. 

1 - Reach out to FRIENDS and FAMILY, post it on your Facebook! 
They know you best and you wouldn't lie to them or put them in harms way. Be honest and explain the issues / reason why you want to re-home your dog. 

2- Post it on Facebook Pet Rehoming groups and local town groups. (Example search FREE PETS CT on Facebook)
Again be HONEST about the issues you believe the dog has. After you get a candidate, do an interview, visit their home, do some social media check and background check. 

3 - Try ADOPT A PET REHOMING TOOL  (https://rehome.adoptapet.com/)

4 - If you have a dangerous dog, discuss it with your vet. Passing along an aggressive dog won't do anybody any good.  

5 - If you take the easy way out, bringing your dog to Animal Control or  a shelter, your dog is likely to be euthanized as soon as you walk out the door. Shelters are full of big dogs and pit bull mixes, yours will be one more that they don't have room for. 

Follow the suggestions above and you will successfully find a home for your dog.