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Rehoming Resources

Life changes and stuff happens. We want to help but we can't take in every dog in need. Please take 10 minutes to read this page and you will see that YOU can help more than you think. WE DO NOT and CAN NOT TAKE IN OWNER SURRENDERS

Before you move forward, are you sure you have exhausted all your options?

Download our training resource guide here. 

Training and Cost Concerns

Many issues can be addressed with training. Barking, jumping, food aggression, toy aggression, dog reactivity, stranger danger... Our friends at Know Better do Better Dog Training can help you with an initial affordable consultation. Many medical issues can lead to aggressive behaviors. Consult with your vet and do a full work up. 

Know Better Do Better Dog Training LLC

860-415-3632 (text or call)

Are you struggling to buy food or vet bills? There are organizations that can help. Look up the Ledyard Chain for example, and google others. 

Low cost spay and neuter clinics: POA SPAY in Hartford is great!


If rehoming is REALLY your last resort, read below for a DIY (do it yourself) approach.

We are all very busy and always full. Below is a list of everything we do, so you can do it yourself.

We are a foster based rescue organization. We don't have a shelter. All our dogs are being cared for in temporary foster homes.



WE DO NOT and CAN NOT TAKE IN OWNER SURRENDERS. Post your dog on the free rehoming Facebook groups and do a backgrround check and interview potential adopters.


DIY Re-homing

Be HONEST when discussing rehoming with new owners about the reason (barking, nipping, urinating, etc.) why you are rehoming your dog. 

(1)  Reach out to FRIENDS and FAMILY, post it on your Facebook! 

They know you best and you wouldn't lie to them or put them in harms way. Be honest and explain the issues / reason why you want to re-home your dog.

(2)  Post it on Facebook Pet Rehoming groups and local town groups.

(Example search FREE PETS CT on Facebook) Again be HONEST about the issues you believe the dog has. After you get a candidate, do an interview, visit their home, do some social media check and background check.


(4)  If you have a dangerous dog, discuss it with your vet.

Passing along an aggressive dog won't do anybody any good.

(5)  Remember, if you bring your dog to Animal Control or a shelter...

Animal Control does not usually take owner surrenders. We are NOT a shelter. WE DO NOT and CAN NOT TAKE IN OWNER SURRENDERS. Our dogs come from Southern Shelters. Please do not insist.

Follow the suggestions above and you will successfully find a home for your dog.

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