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Volunteer at events

Sign up to volunteer at events. We have 2 hour shifts, where you will help care for the dogs, changing pee pads, picking up poop, providing water and making sure dogs are comfortable and clean. You might pass out flyers and forms and assist with other tasks as needed. You must be reliable, not have allergies, be easy going and a go-getter. Be friendly and polite of course. If your school provides forms for Community Service Hours, we can sign those. If you are underage, your parents must sign a Waiver of Liability. You will get dirty, scratched and will need to pick up poop (bags provided). 
To see shifts available click HERE

To download the Liability Waiver, click HERE

Any questions, call or text 860-245-8216  


​We can use help with the website update, blog posts... Can you update our website with the latest news? Invite people and find interesting articles for the blog? 


This very important job can be broken down in many small tasks, from brainstorming to sharing to executing pieces of it. Are you always thinking of creative ways to fundraise? Get on board. 

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, You tube, Pinterest... whatever fits your liking. You could be in charge of funny memes or rescue partnerships... what would you like to do?


Thanking our supporters is SO important, and we would love someone dedicated and focused only on that. Would you like to hep say THANK YOU? 

To volunteer visit our Facebook Volunteer Group

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