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Rescue Puppy

Help is needed behind the scenes

We appreciate your desire to volunteer. We get several emails about volunteering everyday and it is just not possible to answer everyone one on one anymore. We don't have a shelter. That means we don't have a building where you can come visit, play or clean the animals. All dogs are house in foster homes (volunteer homes). We would love help with cleaning but we can't. It takes too much time to do background checks, match schedules, sign waivers and let strangers in our homes. Everything in life has a learning curve. Participate in other ways and the more you build trust, the more jobs you can help with.

Where can you help?

Behind the scenes! 

A lot of help is needed promoting our dogs. The goal is to get them adopted.

How can you help get them adopted (faster)? If you can answer that question, that is how you can help. 

Are you a pro at Social Media? Do you know several groups to "share"?

Are you super creative?

Do you love making tik toks? Reels? Videos?

Are you computer savvy? Can you upload videos to you tube?

Are you a good writer (or good at Chat GPT?). Would you like to keep the dogs profiles updated? 

What is your talent? What is your passion? 

How can you help get more dogs adopted faster?

We are very busy cleaning and caring for the dogs so many times their online profiles are outdated and have old / ugly pictures. Those are our main needs. Marketing and IT. 

Other ways to help

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Volunteer at events

If you would like to help with hands on activities, just show up at one of our adoption events and identify yourself to one of our volunteers. Say "Hi, I am here to volunteer". You will be given a temporary badge and you will learn as you go. 

We expect you to "study" the dogs listed on our website (know their names, age, breed, a bit of their personalities... so you can talk to the public and answer questions). Also familiarize yourself with our contract (adoption fees, return policies...). 

Be ready to pick up after the pups, help load and unload equipment, keep an eye on people and pups. 

PUPPIES PAWS NEVER TOUCH THE FLOOR. Puppies tay in their pens and you are "the bouncer"



Wondering how you can directly impact the lives of dogs in need? Consider becoming a foster parent for All Paws on Deck. By opening your home and heart to a dog in need, you provide them with a safe and loving environment while they wait for their forever homes. Fostering is a rewarding experience that truly makes a difference. Interested in fostering? Fill out an application today!



We rely on the generosity of animal lovers like you to continue our life-saving work. Your tax deductible donation helps us provide medical care, food, shelter, and love to dogs in need. Every dollar counts and brings us one step closer to giving these deserving animals a second chance at a happy and healthy life.

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Our Wish List

We are grateful for any help we receive to better care for the precious pups in our rescue. If you're interested in donating in-kind items, take a look at our wish list, and please contact us for more details.

Together, we can wag more tails, save more lives,
and create a brighter future for these deserving pups. 

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