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Adoption Contract

This agreement is entered on this date by and between All Paws on Deck, Inc, ('All Paws on Deck') and the applicant ('Adopter') for the adoption of the rescue dog listed above. 

Terms and Conditions 

1. Health/Temperament/Illnesses 

While All Paws on Deck has made every effort to provide accurate history and assessment of the dog, All Paws on Deck is not able to guarantee the dog's health, age, breed, medical status, behavior or disposition and makes no explicit or implicit guarantees in any of the above. This Dog is being adopted “as is” and the adopter assumes all responsibility for the treatment of any and all existing conditions or any physical or temperament changes that may occur. Adopter further understand that this animal was rescued and the history of their past is unknown. Adopter accepts this dog "as is" with all defects, either observable or unobservable, and assumes all risk for the dog upon signing of this contract.


Your dog/puppy came from a shelter environment where worms and internal / external parasites are common. Worming protocols are started as part of the medical All Paws on Deck provides and often takes care of any parasites a puppy/dog may have, but due to the life cycle of different parasites it may take several more treatments to ensure all forms of parasites have been killed.


Adopter understands that this dog/puppy may have been exposed to and/or incubating a virus or other illnesses (such as kennel cough or parvovirus), in the process of being rescued and sheltered. Adopter is assuming all financial responsibility for any illness after the signing of this contract. Adopter understands that any illness that has been diagnosed and is being treated at the time of the adoption will be brought to his attention. Adopter will receive instructions and medication, if necessary, for treating the adopted new animal. As of the signing of this contract any illness, new or existing, becomes adopter's full responsibility.


If this puppy is diagnosed with parvovirus within 3 days of adoption, adopter can choose to seek treatment at a veterinary clinic of his choice at his expense or Adopter can return the puppy to All Paws on Deck. By doing so Adopter surrender all legal rights to the puppy and their choice to treat / not to treat. If treatment is successful, the puppy will be returned to adopter's care and I agree to arrange a pickup within 24 hours. If treatment is unsuccessful or not possible, I will be refunded my adoption fee only. All medical fees after adoption will be solely adopter's responsibility. Adopter understands that this puppy/dog has come from a shelter environment and may be exposed to or harboring an illness not detectable at this time; All dogs of 6 months of age or older, are tested for Heartworms before adoption. Test results are disclosed to adopters however, heartworms can take up to 6 months to grow to a detectable size. I understand that All Paws on Deck cannot be held responsible for charges incurred at any veterinary establishment, costs of supplies, food, toys etc. 


2. Not the Right Match 

If, for any reason, this animal does not meet my expectations within the first 30 days of adoption, I can return the animal and all original paperwork to All Paws on Deck.  After 30 days, there is a $75 surrender fee. If your dog is over 6 months of age, he/she will only be accepted back if altered. I understand my adoption fee is NOT REFUNDABLE AT ANY TIME, FOR ANY REASON.  I understand that all required medical care is my responsibility during this period of time. 


3. Vet Care 

The above-named dog will be brought to a vet of adopters choosing and at adopters cost within 2 weeks of adoption or sooner if needed. Not doing so is considered a breach of contract.


4. Spay/Neuter 

If at the time of adoption this dog/puppy is not spayed or neutered, the Adopter acknowledges this and agrees to have this procedure done by a licensed veterinarian NO LATER THAN 6 MONTHS AFTER DAY OF ADOPTION or before your dog turns 6 months of age. You can have the procedure done at any vet of your choice and submit proof of surgery via email to, no later than seven (7) days of the completion of the surgery, and All Paws on Deck will refund you the spay / neuter deposit you left at time of adoption (if you left one). If the Adopter fails to comply with the terms, he will be obligated to return the Dog to All Paws on Deck and will have no further custody, right title or interest in or to the Dog. Furthermore, Adopter will not receive an adoption refund nor spay/neuter deposit back.

If adopting an adult "Mother" dog, not altered, over 60lbs, adopter agrees to have the procedure done at the vet of their choice and All Paws on Deck will refund the cost listed up to $200 of the cost of the procedure. 

5. No Right to Transfer Ownership 

This pet will not be transferred to any person by the adopter without All Paws on Deck’s consent. If at any time in the future you cannot continue to provide proper care for the Dog, you will not abandon, give or sell the Dog to another person, company, organization, medical research, pound or animal shelter without All Paws on Deck’s consent. You agree to do one or more of the following:

A. Obtain approval from All Paws on Deck to transfer the ownership of the Dog to a friend or relative. Rescue must approve the new adopter who will be required to sign an agreement similar to this one.

B. Agree to cover the costs to board the Dog for an agreed-upon time, allowing All Paws on Deck to actively seek a new home and then relinquish the Dog to Rescue when a home is found. Note: Boarding costs are $35 per day.

C. The adopter will hold the Dog at the adopter's expense until All Paws on Deck can make proper foster care or adoption arrangements. At the time of surrender the dog must be medically up to date and a surrender fee of $75.00 will be incurred.

 *At our discretion, we reserve the right to decline / accept the return of a dog that has developed or exhibits aggressive or other non-rehomable behaviors while in the custody of the adopter. All dogs over 6 months of age must be spayed / neuter if adopter is asking to re-home, transfer or return the dog. We will not allow unaltered dogs to be transferred, re-homed or returned. 


6. Training and Care 

All Paws on Deck strongly suggests that the adopter enroll this dog in obedience classes. The adopter accepts full responsibility for maintaining a reasonable level of care for this dog as a family companion including food, water, grooming, adequate sanitation, exercise, attention, safety, and shelter. The dog will be treated with affection and kindness and never subjected to abuse, animal research, fighting or used as a guard dog for any agency, corporation or organization. Adopter agrees not to violate any laws or ordinances with the dog. 


7. Refund 

Adopter agrees to pay All Paws on Deck an adoption fee for the above-named dog. The adoption fee is non-refundable and there will be no refund or reimbursement for any expenses incurred by the adopter, including, but not limited to, veterinarian fees for the adopted dog, even if it is returned to All Paws on Deck. 


8. Indemnification and Hold Harmless 

The undersigned adopter does hereby agree to release, indemnify, and covenant to hold harmless All Paws on Deck, volunteers, members, contractors, employees, and its officers from any claims, damages, injuries, costs or actions incurred as a result of this adoption or caused by the actions of the dog transferred herein. It is my intention by this instrument to exempt and relieve All Paws on Deck from ALL liability for personal injury, property damage or wrongful death caused by negligence or otherwise. FORUM SELECTION CLAUSE: Judicial enforcement of this Agreement or any parts thereof by either of the parties hereto shall be had exclusively in the courts of the Connecticut having jurisdiction over either party to this Agreement or over the subject matter of this Agreement. Choice of Law: This contract shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Connecticut. All Paws on Deck meets or exceeds all requirements for the State of Connecticut and compliance with laws of the State where the dog will reside is the responsibility of the adopter. 



You are officially a Dog Parent! 

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