Spay and Neuter for ADOPTERS

If you adopted from All Paws on Deck and would like to have your dog altered at POA spay, please fill out the form below. E-mail your dog's RABIES certificate to (replace AT for @) . 

We will email you back with appt date. Procedure will be paid by All Paws on Deck UP TO $150 (it will come off your deposit) however, if you are a no show, your will forfeit your deposit, there will be no re-scheduling and you will be in violation of our contract. Any charge over $150 is your responsibility. POA charges are $150 for pitbulls / $250 for all other breeds. 

If they decide your dog will need CERENIA, add $10 and/or TRAZADONE add $20, we will invoice you to reimburse us.  

If you REALLY need to re-schedule it, you must do so at least a week in advance. Please be mindful that POA SPAY is a high volume / low cost Spay and Neuter clinic, and it's very hard and time consuming to get an appointment so please, be flexible and plan on taking that day off from work. 


Dogs are dropped off at 8:30 and picked up at 3:30pm. 

It is your responsibility to visit their website and familiarize yourself with the rules, procedures, timelines etc. 

There will be NO reminders! Please put it on your calendar! 

Spay and Neuter Request Form