Should a potential adopter be denied for not having a fenced yard?

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

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A friend contacted me to ask if I could help her adopt a dog. She had all the good intentions. She has a picture perfect family: A lovely husband, 2 kids, a nice house, a good job... She has an older dog (13), two cats, a guinea pig and a bearded dragon. She wanted to add a puppy to the family.

Here in my neck of the woods (Connecticut), finding a puppy available for adoption is really hard. Rescues have tons of applications and you have to go trough an extensive application process. She found an adorable puppy on Adopt-a-pet, and filled out an application. I told her this process usually takes a while... It is a constant complaint on social media how people fill out applications and, many times, never hear back from the rescue.

Long story short, she heard back from the rescue group but her application was DENIED! Why? Because she doesn't have a fenced yard.

Now this is the second time I hear that. Another friend told me the same story, a few months back. I also went trough an extensive 1 hour interview, to also be denied. I also didn't have a fenced yard, only an invisible fence.

Now let's see... My Facebook feed is covered with urgent pleas for help from several shelters, with dozens of dogs lined up for euthanasia due to lack of space.

So it's it better to let the dog be euthanized or let it be adopted by a family with no fenced yard? Hummm...

Rescues have the best intentions in the world, and so have people who want to adopt, but their adoption process is usually too hard. It is frustrating and unfair. Yes, a fenced yard would be wonderful, but walking on a leash is better than staying in a shelter.

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