Red or Blue?

A BIG box with 50 fleece blankets is on it's way to Mississippi, to Hub City Humane Society.

There was post on their Facebook page, with a picture of a bin full of blankets, a sign that read $2.50, from Walmart and a caption that said "Our dogs would love some blankets". After creating and running a last-minute RED or BLUE campaign, the community made contributions to buy 50 blankets! After that was done, we needed to fundraise for the shipping costs! Friends came together to help and 50 dogs and kittens (out of 100) will have a cozy blanket to snuggle this winter. Easy? It was not. This was my first official All Paws on Deck event (actually the second... the first was Trick and Treat Pet Video Contest), but because the organization is still new and does not have a large number of followers, raising any money is hard. But the sense of accomplishment, the feeling of having made a difference... It is fuel to do another one. The 9-5 keeps you living... but the 5-9 keeps you alive! November 11 2020.

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