What in the world is a Knuffle Mat ? (This post MAY contain affiliate links)

A Knuffle Mat (or is it Snuffle Mat?) is a funny toy / mat someone had the ingenious idea to create and it became a popular item among dog owners. After seeing many posts on Facebook from people creating their own, I decided to try and make my own Knuffle Mat. I thought "I am not paying 35 bucks for it... I am going to google "Knuffle Mat" and do it myself... Really, I am not sure of the name but I think about the "Knuffle Bunny" book, by Mo Willems, so I call it Knuffle Mat.

My husband made the first one, and I quickly posted on Facebook o try to get some sales of my Knuffle Mat. "It's a lot of work" he said. "Blah..." I thought... So here is what you need:

- A sink mat (about $4 at Walmart or Amazon)

- Fleece, about 1.5 yard per mat (about $4 a yard or get a blanket like this)

That's really it. A good pair of scissors ad some kibbles to sprinkle on it.

Start by cutting the fleece into strips, about 6 inches long

Once all the fleece is cut up, pass a strip inside one hole and tie a knot (you don't need to do a double knot). You pass the strip about half way. That way you have about 3 inches of fleece on each side of the hole. Tie a knot.

Repeat the process down in ONE DIRECTION! ONE row only! Choose to start either horizontal or vertical line. Don't do both at the same time.

That's it! Keep doing it until you are done, or until you feel it is fluffy enough. I haven't tried to wash mine yet.

They like to use it to sleep on it too... The big dog decided to chew on the plastic, so I keep it out when I can supervise it.

I must confess that after making one, I did not have the energy to make a second, and I am glad nobody wanted to buy it lol... Really labor intensive this knuffle mat project but.. like most thigs you do it yourself for someone you love, very rewarding...

Let me know if you tried it or if you have any questions! I found this colorful blanket at a clearance isle at Walmart for like... 3 bucks. It was enough for one knuffle mat.

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