5 Ways your Dog Might Give you a Tax-Break!

Disclaimer: We at All Paws on Deck are NOT tax people. We are DOG PEOPLE. Make sure you consult with a true tax professional when it comes to filing your taxes this year but I can tell you right now that we are an IRS approved Charity and your donation is TAX-DEDUCTIBLE! Also, due to the approval of the Cares Act, there is an EXTRA $300 allowance for monetary donations to an approved charity (like All Paws on Deck!). But hurry, only until Dec 31st! Also, this post contains an affiliate link to Super Chewer! That means All Paws on Deck may get a commission if you subscribe to their product, at no extra cost to you.

Hey, did Stela chewed up your expensive shoes? Did you have to replace the carpet because Cedar peed all over it? How about Bella? Did she eat the couch leg? If you can't seem to get a break, we went looking for ways your dog can LEGALLY help you get a tax break!

1 - If you moved and you are in the military

I know your pet is family... but in the eyes of the law, it is property. So if you had expenses moving your dog, and you are in the military, this might be deductible. This is specially relevant for those who were stationed overseas!

2 - Your volunteer work for a rescue (WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS!!)

If the organization you helped is an official non-profit, your monetary donation, supplies or other expenses related to helping the rescue, could be deductible. If you adopted, your donation fee is considered a donation. Keep/ find the documentation or e-mail receipts in case you need to prove it. In 2020, due to the Cares Act, there is an extra $300 allowance for monetary donations!

3 - If you have a Guard Dog

If your dog is in charge of guarding some of your most valuable property and you have documentation to prove it, the IRS allows you to deduct related expenses. Keep in mind as well that the dog's breed may also be relevant. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, the IRS considers “typical” guard dogs, like German Shepherds and Pit Bulls, more legitimate than say, a Pomeranian.