If your dog already escaped, go here!

to learn preventive measures, read on!

no place like home!

You probably think it will never happen to you. I thought the same. I would never lose a pet because this is not "my first rodeo". I was wrong.


Funny thing is that I had just signed up for the Maddie Fund No Place Like Home Challenge, and I could not think of a good tip other than the usual "microchip your pet". Reality hit me hard on January 18th, 4:30 pm, when I took Georgia to the vet, and upon opening the crate to take her inside, she bolted!  Georgia had no collar (she slipped through her martingale collar), no tag, no microchip... 

I did all the wrong things: I chased her, I yelled her name... She disappeared into the woods. Thankfully I was given the phone number for CT Dog Gone Recovery Group, a fantastic non-profit organization specialized in capturing / recovering lost dogs. 

Have a good collar and learn how to use it 

A martingale collar is a great choice but you need to learn how to use it. Have it tight and hold it on the side that pulls it tight. Georgia had  a martingale collar on but we held it on the wrong loop, so it got loose. Better yet, a GPS collar

FI collar.png

A GPS collar that works with cell phone towers, waterproof, dirt proof with up to 2 days battery life in Lost Dog Mode. Learn more about FI at https://tryfi.com/learn

Tag on the collar

Assuming you have a domesticated and docile dog, a collar and a simple tag will make return home much easier, so your pet will not be taken for a stray. 


Microchip is very inexpensive, and you can take advantage of the day your pet is going for spay / neuter surgery. You would be surprised to know that vet offices charge only about $50 for a microchip. Our adoptables are microchipped with Fi NANO. Remember to REGISTER you chip or it will do you no good. 

Post on Social Media

Yes, that's obvious, but also look for groups: Lost Pets (name of your area), local animal rescues and a recovery group like CT Dog Gone Recovery Group.