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 Foster homes literally save lives.  We rescue a LOT of mom dogs with puppies. Fostering a family is super helpful in saving many lives!

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Those are BASIC guidelines and the rest is common sense. When in doubt, please reach out to Susana, Dana or Erin.
Thank you for helping to save lives!


Treat and Care

Treat and care for the dog as it was YOUR DOG. You are responsible for the well being of the dog. 

Pick up your foster dog at agreed upon date and time.

Give your dog the medication as directed by your foster coordinator (intake procedures, see next page). Your foster dog will be dewormed and given flea/tick and heartworm medication upon intake. 

Keep your foster dog separated from your pets for the first few days. 

You will be responsible for calling our vet (NorwichTown Vet), scheduling and taking your foster dog for an intake appointment and health certificate (From All Paws on Deck to All Paws on Deck). All Paws on Deck will be invoiced for that appointment. 

This is a basic health check and no other tests, vaccines or procedures are to be done without your Foster Coordinator approval (Susana or Dana). Please stick to the plan. We are a rescue. We give the vaccines and we have most medication in stock. 


What to Expect: First Few Days

Sniffles, worms and diarrhea. 

Sniffles - Cold, cough, kennel cough. Most dogs catch a cold during transport. Just like when you catch a cold, it shall pass. Support him with natural remedies, rest, food and liquids and keep him separated from your pets. 

Worms - Your foster dog comes from a shelter environment. He will be given dewormer upon intake and you will see worms in his poop. 

Diarrhea - Several things cause diarrhea and we don't go to the vet everytime a dog has diarrhea. It could be stress, food, bacteria, virus, worms. The best treatment is TIME and DIET. Fast for 12 hours (no food, just water), then start a blend diet of ground turkey (cooked) with canned pumpkin. Smaller portions spaced out 3 times a day for adults, 4 for puppies. 

Food: Feed your foster dog ONLY dog food or turkey/pumpkin diet if he has diarrhea. NO food scraps, no McDonald's, no treats if he has diarrhea. 

Promote: Promote your foster dog everyday! Pictures, videos, post post post! The more you promote him, the faster he gets adopted. 

Safety: Keep your foster dog with a collar, tag all the time. Only take him out on a leash. 


Meet and Greets

Any potential adopter has to be approved before a meet and greet.

He/She will be required to sign a Waiver of Liability before meeting the dog at a date and time agreed by both of you. 

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