Day 6 sue.jpg

Meet Sue


Rescue List

Mobile County Animal Shelter

Mobile, AL

I know that there are tears running down your face when you look at Sue's picture. You probably have thoughts in your head like, " I can't imagine what she has been through", "that precious animal". We thought the same thing and frankly we are working so hard to get her out of the shelter. Sue is a very sweet and kind eyed dog and she just wants someone to literally love her. This gorgeous girl needs someone who will take the time to make her feel like the queen she really is. Sue wants a Christmas miracle and she's not asking for anything big. She wants a family, plain and simple. 

Bulldog Mix


4 years old

29 Pounds


If you can adopt this gorgeous girl, PLEASE click on the link below.

If you can't adopt gorgeous sue, PLEDGES and SHARES save lives too!