About US

All Paws on Deck focus on pregnant dogs. Shelters often operate at capacity and a pregnant dog represents a bigger challenge (and expense). She will soon take the place and resources of 6 dogs. A pregnant dog might require a C-section (another BIG expense!) Many shelters choose to terminate a dog's pregnancy in an effort to reduce stray population. Shelters are a stressful place for most dogs. There is a lot of noise, dogs constantly barking, space constraints, staff shortages, etc.  Sometimes, mothers crush their puppies shortly after they are born, due to stress.  In the best case scenarios the puppies survive and get adopted but the mother, with her post baby body, is left behind. YOU can help a mother dog out of the shelter, into a foster home, with resources, food and people to help her during this delicate and unique time. You can help free up much needed space and resources at a shelter. You will have saved not one, but many lives at once.  Your donation will provide transportation, veterinary care, food and supplies. Help a mother dog, help her puppies. All Paws on Deck is a 501 c 3 Non-Profit organization registered in CT. 

our story

Hi! I am Susana, the founder of All Paws on Deck.

I had been trying for about a year, to adopt a puppy! Nothing! Applications, events... 

I had the idea to volunteer with rescue groups to be a “Foster Parent”.  PAW SAFE Animal rescue accepted my application. We were sent “Gracie", a 2 year old mixed breed, pregnant at the time. She was BIG, smelled like rotten fish and  looked like a mix of everything. Scared at first, but very sweet, she got more comfortable with time. After a few days, she learned how to use the stairs, to do her business outside and also learned how nice it was to sleep on the couch. 


We built her a "delivery room” with a large cozy bed, and she seemed to like it, taking naps there during the day and by her own choice, also sleeping there at night. While researching about what was going to happen, it was suggested to have a cardboard box with towels as the "whelping box".  Anyway... I had a box and towels, I put it on the living room, next to the couch. I read that MOM would look for a secluded place, away from everybody, and that's where her bed was.  "Mommyyyyyy there is water everywhere and Gracie doesn't want to come outside" OMG! Her water had broken!  We rushed in the house and Gracie had chosen to deliver her puppies in the living room, in that cardboard box, right next to us.  It is amazing what instincts do! She handled everything like a pro! Puppy after puppy! 6 of them!  She trusted us to touch them right after birth. We cared for those puppies for 8 weeks until they were all adopted and although we had a family for Gracie, we couldn’t let her go. She won our hearts, our couch and our bed. She shows her appreciation and gratefulness every day. Had Gracie been at an adoption event, we would not have picked her. Like everybody else, we wanted a “puppy.” Just like that, my foster career was over. 


Gracie has taught us a lot. Having a young dog that is not a puppy has been a great experience. She was quick to learn house rules; She has a heart of gold and is sweet as a pie. She has the same energy level of a puppy, without the need to chew every piece of furniture. I started looking into Facebook pages and groups and found out that there are a lot of “Gracies” in the shelters. Mothers whose puppies get adopted quickly, but they are left behind. Puppies can be quickly adopted with just a picture because, like babies, they are always cute. Dogs like Gracie usually stay behind because just a picture is not enough to show her true self. They need a foster home and volunteers who can show their personality. I want to help lucky people find their “Gracie”, while helping to get other “Gracies” out of the shelters. Welcome aboard.