Madisyn Trowbridge-Adams - 3RD GRADER GES


       If I could make a holiday for animals. It would be called Spoil your pet day. On this day everyone would spoil their animals with so much stuff! We would get them new toys so they can play all the time. They would also get their own special cake to celebrate their day. Almost like if it were their birthday. If your pet is a dog we could get them new balls to chase and play fetch with them, even if they already have plenty of them, they will still get new ones! They also will get new frisbees and tug ropes, and squeaky toys! Dogs love squeaky toys! If your pet is a cat, you can get them toy mice, and those plastic balls with a bell in it so they can bat them around with their paws. A tower for them to climb up would be awesome too, it would be like their own kind of thrown. Any other animals would get toys fit for them. 


       Aside from their toys and play things, they would also get their own special cake. Their cake would have a topper that was made from their treats. In the way a human cake would have an icing topping, the cats would be topped off with cat treats, or the dogs would have dog cookies on it. We can put a candle on their cake that we the owners would help them blow out to make sure they are safe and do not get burned from it.  They could also get their favorite treats as well throughout the day. The day is about spoiling them so it would only be right.

After they get all of their toys and treats and their cake, They would get extra cuddles and pets. Making sure that they get extra love that day, even though as your pets you should give them extra love anyways. We then would brush them, and snuggle with them, and let them nap on and with us and make them extra loved. 


      I think that we should always make our pets feel loved and safe and part of our family already. On spoil our pet day, we go even extra to do it even more than normal. Our pets are family, they are a part of our home, we people get to have special days like our birthdays and other holidays so why shouldnt our pets get that special extra day too if they are like family members too? 

Spoil our pet day should become a real thing, maybe I can convince mom that we should make that day for our pets. 

Gabriel Dzienis - 4TH GRADE GES

For years people have wondered if their pets can understand them, or if someday they would be able to understand their pets. We hope this might be possible someday, and the future is not as far away as we think. 

Some studies show that animals, such as dogs and Potbelly pigs, can understand human commands. Can other animals though? Could they even understand more? 

While some reptiles show basic emotions such as pleasure, or even love, they have not been known to respond to human speech. Instead, they use visual communication. Scientists don’t know why reptiles show emotion because it doesn’t benefit their survival.

Birds aren’t known to show their emotions, but birds like the parrot, have been known to speak human language. However, scientists have proven they don’t understand what they are saying. 

Dogs are known to understand human speech, but maybe not as well as we think. Studies show that dogs can connect a sound with an action, such as after hearing sit so many times they will connect it with an action such as sitting. Dogs also connect words like good boy, with getting a treat or a pat on the head. 

Fish aren’t known to do any of these things, but a couple things fish can do are recognize human faces and associate it with food. 

Everyone knows that mammals can communicate. Chimpanzees are smart. They are known to be the smartest animals (beside human beings of course). Can they understand human language, though? Well, some chimpanzees have actually learned sign language! These chimpanzees even teach sign language to each other and use it to communicate. So, can they use it to communicate with humans? In fact, they can! It is now known that chimpanzees can communicate with humans using sign language. Chimpanzees can also use computer keyboards to type, using short sentences and words, to communicate with humans 

Dolphins are usually described as the second smartest animals due to their “brain-to-body size ratio,” the ability to show emotions, and their copying of humans. Like dogs, they usually learn commands and connect them with actions, such as jump. After hearing it enough times, and getting a treat if they jump, they will connect the action with the word jump. 

In conclusion, I think the future is not all that far away. Scientists are getting closer to creating a device that can translate animal sounds into human language. Someday we may be able to see our furry (or scaly) friends speaking a language that we understand. Chimpanzees seem to have the best shot at using this technology because they understand humans already. 



If I could make one rule to help care for animals, it would be that all pets need to be spayed or neutered unless the owner has a license to breed. To get a license the owner must complete a class on animal welfare (how to care for animals)and volunteer for one year with a rescue or shelter. I know some animals need to get bred because they have certain qualities that are needed for special jobs, but too many people are irresponsible or use the animals to make money. There are so many cats and dogs and other pets abandoned and euthanized every year and the only way to stop that is to stop unnecessary breeding. Most people have no idea this is true so volunteering with homeless pets will be a good way for them to learn and help those pets.

Not all breeding is bad. The problem is when animals are not cared for and abandoned. That's why animals should be fixed unless needed for breeding. Being a responsible breeder is not that hard. One thing you need to do is take a class that teaches basic needs and vet care and volunteer with a rescue or shelter to see how many animals need homes. You need to take good care of the parents and make sure the babies go to great homes.  You will need to sign a paper that you will not create a puppy mill.

What is a puppy mill? You may think it is a place full of cute puppies but you would be wrong. Puppy mills are full of heartless breeders that lock the animals in small cages and don't let the mom recover in between litters. When she can no longer have puppies she is killed! Any ¨not cute¨ puppies are killed while the cute ones get sold so the breeder gets money. 

In shelters all over the world there are good pets getting put down because there are more getting born than there are people to care for them. When you breed, it seems like you don't care if they are getting put down or maybe you just don't know. Did you know that one of the first dogs to get euthanized is a pregnant mom or puppies? This is because it's expensive to care for them and shelters don't make a lot of money. 

If breeders volunteer at shelters, they will see all the pets in need. There are so many things you can do to help like walking, playing, or reading to the pets. You could even take one home to foster. 

In conclusion I think you should spay and neuter your pets unless you get a license to breed. I also think that all puppy mills should be illegal. I hope that this law passing will reduce the number of animals in shelters. In the meantime, go to a shelter and adopt a pet! 


Did you know that there is an estimated value of 1.5 million animals that are being placed in shelters worldwide in just a year? That leads to 3.2 million sheltered animals, who are being adopted by people every year. Animal shelters today are alright but could use some improvements. Comparatively, what will animal shelters be like in the future? 

  Why are animal shelters so important? They are important because there are too many homeless animals who have no one taking the initiative to care for them. According to, even if you're adopting one animal, that can lead to a big change in the animal society. Some might say that animals are sometimes aggressive towards certain people, and that’s why they won’t adopt. However, you should consider their feelings, too. According to, when people come to choose a pet, the other animals are going to notice and be sad that no one wants them. Some animals might be treated harshly by their original owners, while others had no one by their side, and were forced to live in the shelter for a lifetime. Animal shelters today are primarily for the animals that are either abandoned, surrendered, or just need a place to stay. All you have to do is treat them with true love from the bottom of your heart.  

  There are endless possibilities of what might happen to animal shelters in the future. For example, it could be like a mini daycare, like what we have for children today. According to, the pandemic is reshaping the future of animal shelters and they say that you could be a part of it, too. Due to the virus, people are staying home and isolating.
They are bored and thinking about adopting or fostering animals that will help them through this pandemic. For example, a Los Angeles resident named Morgan was living by herself in her apartment, when she decided to help the crisis. She thought of fostering a dog for the first time. About a month later, both the dog and herself created a bond. She, then, decided to keep the dog permanently. So, imagine if more people did this, then that would lead to fewer animals at the shelters. This could also cause a positive impact on the future of the animals because animals wouldn’t have to feel so lonely, and instead, would have a warm and cozy home with the loving owner(s) who will take care of them! 

 Now that technology has progressed over the past few decades, it can help us improve our shelters. It is possible to use some technologies in a variety of useful ways. Such as microchips, robotic systems, or special pet scanners. In the future, I hope to see an invention of some sort of smart device/alarm or even an app that would notify a caregiver nearby, that an animal is in distress or is having an anxiety attack. Plus, once in a while, if we give pets the comfort and support they need/deserve from us, they will be even friendlier towards others.