Before you apply...


BEFORE you proceed to fill out an application, please read our contract terms. 


Please make sure you understand that you are applying for a SHELTER DOG. A dog whose past is unknown but his future depends on you. Your adoption donation is NON REFUNDABLE!  After 30 days there is a $75 surrender fee and you will have to wait until a foster or boarding facility is available. 

We CANNOT and WILL NOT guarantee anything about the dog you want to adopt! We will ALWAYS disclose everything WE KNOW, but ultimately it is YOUR decision to adopt him or not. UNDERLYING medical conditions, genetic problems, parasites are just a FEW of the issues that could arise from adopting a shelter/rescued dog. We save their lives sight unseen based on brief descriptions of their interactions with shelter staff and volunteers. Please only proceed if you fully understand the commitment you are making. 

Thank you for your interest! On the next page you will see pictures of all the dogs available for adoption.  Click on the picture to be taken to an application. Adoption fees for puppies are $650 and we cover Spay / Neuter at one of our partner clinics.  If you prefer to use your vet, we will pay $150 towards it. Starting 08/05/21 EVERY DOG, puppy or adult, will also have a NON-REFUNDABLE $50 Health Certificate fee. In or Out of State. Adoption fee for adults is  $350 for and they also need a $50 Health Certificate.



Your new puppy will need: Rabies vaccines, dhpp booster x 2, lyme and lepto vaccines, spay/neuter. This can easily add up to 1k in the first 6 months. Puppies will chew on and destroy your furniture and everything else they can get their teeth on. 


Adult dogs are already vaccinated for Rabies, they do not need boosters and are already spayed - neutered. All you need is a quick helath check and Lyme-Lepto vaccines, saving you a lot of money. Adults are usually house trained already or easier to train.   


HEARTWORM: We will ALWAYS disclose if the dog was tested for heartworm and the results obtained. WE CANNOT guarantee the accuracy of the tests.  Your dog could be negative today and positive next week.  Heartworm is a prevalent disease on the southern states where most dogs come from. We strive to test everyone before adoption. If that is not possible, we will disclose it and it is your decision to move forward or not. 

You also have the option to receive a FREE GPS tracking collar by FI ($150 retail value), you only pay the annual GPS fee of $99.