Thank you for your interest! On the next page you will see pictures of all the dogs available for adoption.  Click on the picture to be taken to an application. Adoption fees for puppies are $500 with $50 rebate after proof of spay/neuter is submitted.

Adoption fee for adults is  $400 for CT residents or $450 for out of state and they already go home ALWAYS spayed/neuter and fully vaccinated (no rebates).

HEARTWORM: We will ALWAYS disclose if the dog is heartworm positive, negative or NOT TESTED. Heartworm is a prevalent disease on the southern states where most dogs come from. We strive to test everyone before adoption. If that is not possible, we will disclose it and it is your decision to move forward or not. 

Please take into consideration that we are covering the cost of Spay/Neuter of adult dogs, saving you $350 to $500 in veterinary costs and they have been given ALL their vaccines. All you will need is a quick check-up. 

You also have the option to receive a FREE GPS tracking collar by FI ($150 retail value), you only pay the annual GPS fee of $99.