Are you looking for a puppy?

I know, puppies are ADORABLE, I don't blame you. Me too, I wanted a puppy for Christmas, and I just could not find one!  

We went to 3 adoption events (before Covid hit). We waited in line for 2 hours, and when it was our turn, no more puppies available! Hughhh so frustrating, right?

Then we found some cute ones on Petfinder... We filled out applications and nothing... no answer... Then we got an answer! But the puppy was in Arkansas! "I don't care", I said, "I love her, she is perfect"! 

I got an interview with the shelter adoption coordinator... and a SECOND interview... 1 hour each interview... AND... I did NOT get my puppy! I'll spare you of all the other times I didn't get an answer or I was denied or there were not enough puppies for everyone at the event. Oh there were older dogs on the event, but like everybody and their mothers, I wanted a PUPPY! 

You might think that shelters are overflowing with puppies. They are NOT! Puppies get adopted faster than you can blink your eye, but what about the mothers who brought those puppies into the world? The mothers are overlooked and left behind. "Ahhh so sad... someone will adopt her". 

Shelters are overflowing with young and adult dogs and some senior dogs, because when the novelty of a puppy wears off, they are brought to the "shelters" because the family "doesn't have time", "doesn't have money", "my landlord won't take animals" etc. Puppies will CHEW everything in your house! They will PEE and POOP everywhere until they are house trained (that can take months... I am talking months of puppy pee and poop on your CARPETS! I am not kidding. They will chew shoes, wall corners, toys, pens, socks (the dirtier and smellier, the better).

So BEFORE you fill out an application for adoption, I ask you to make SURE you are ready. 

Let me tell you how did All Paws on Deck started: I wanted a puppy. I couldn't get one. I offered to foster (on the back of my mind, I thought I would be able to cut the line and adopt a puppy). My foster was an "ugly" mixed breed, brown fish smelling and missing one tooth dog from Mississippi. She was pregnant. "Ok, she is not my type", I thought. We are just going to foster her, I thought. The Foster Manual said: A Foster is not a test-drive to see if you like the dog". In the end, all the puppies were adopted and we adopted Momma. 

Give it a try. Foster a young or adult or a senior dog. If you fall in love, great! If you don't, you will be helping find his furever home by caring and marketing him to another family. 

Did I convince you? If I did, go to the FOSTER APPLICATION.  Would you rather adopt? Check out ADOPTABLES

Note: We will not process puppy applications until we have one for Mamma first. 

Thank you!